spotlight tavern / beverly , ma. march 14 …….i will be performing with The Fisheye Brothers

thats MARK CHENEVERT & JIM DOHERTY on sax& drums ( 2 great players who played with me in albany , new york at Valentine’s last october ) they are featured on my Persistence of Memory Orchestra recordings & Fisheye Brothers recordings. we will open the nite , followed by THE NERVOUS EATERS ( formally THE RHYTHM ASSHOLES . they are one of the greatest bands ever / who helped me shape some of my songs in the mid 70s when i met them at SANDY’S in Beverly . yes i was a rhythm a for awhile & steve & jeff recorded MASS AVE with me in 1975. & THEN & THEN its THE KNOCK UPS !!!! a new band with John Surrette , who is another rock& roller forever formally with BOY’S LIFE & who wrote Tomorrow the World , a punk rock opera !!!!!! i mean c’mon down & rock & roll with us waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

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