NEW GIGS 2015 ( holy crap)

on January 15th i will be playing at Dave Sag’s Blues Party at THE RHUMBLINE in Gloucester with DAVE SAG on bass / BILLY LOOSIGIAN on guitar / & STEVE CHAGGARIS on drums &

at the end of the month i will be playing the grand piano & singing 3 of Vincent Ferrini’s poems as part of the production of MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL by T.S.ELIOT at the LANDMARK SCHOOL / winter play at the performing arts center on the 29th,30th & the 31st …….wow !!!( do you believe that / Yikes T.S. Elliot , Vincent Ferrini, & Willie Loco all in one show gee wiz !!!!! this is in Beverly , ma .

& on March 14th THE FISHEYE BROTHERS ( Jim Doherty/drums & Mark Chenevert / sax / & Willie Loco / vocals & piano ) will play in Beverly , ma . at THE SPOTLIGHT TAVERN ………..

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Holding on to My Soul

yes our beautiful birdseye building is gone now ///// this features some music from RAZTONIA VOLUME ONE by WILLIE LOCO ALEXANDER and THE RAZTONES (FISHEYE RECORDS #5)

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Dreaming of a New World Minuta…ok folks its 2015 & i’m back with a new post from willieloco13

this fisheye flip starts & finishes with sir edward dunford on drums ( um “Dirty Eddie is my best friend “) in between is footage from fish town & Little Havana in miami, florida featuring my heros of the conga drum . & kings & queens of afro cuban music & palm trees & annie & me listening to the real kids on little steven’s underground garage radio show wowza !!!!

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on march 14 , jim doherty & i will be playing a short set at the SALEM FILM FESTIVAL before the showing of The Punk Syndrome between 8 & 8thirty

this will be a special treat for me because it is about a finnish punk band made up of members of a group home /// i worked for 20 years in group homes
& at least 50 years with musicians . abiento waaaaaaaa!!!!

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2013 is banging so far

i turned 70 ( holy freakin crap !!! ) & am still here & my wife annie threw the suprise party of the century for me ( i was gonna hide under a rock & did not even circle my birthday on the calender ) & i will tell you more later / i gotta get used to this confuser again …..

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iBall / keeping it surreal / arts at the armory/ may 10th

had a great time playing my piano & singing in somerville
again . greg hanawalt was the soundman , we toured france
for new rose records in 1982 !!! boby bear was the master of ceremonys so i got him to play drums with me & ken
field was playing with his revolutionary snake ensemble
later on so he joined me on saxaphone & joe porier was my roady / go go dancer !!!! ya hoo !!! we played Who Killed Deanna , Dirty Eddie, Basketcase ( with the stravinsky rite of spring lick in it roger miller showed me
),Ouiji Board, Mass Ave ,Sky Queen ( & someone was there who knew Maxanne but didn’t know i wrote it for her
& was gonna see her later !!!Wow! ) & finished with ferrini’s LIFE IS THE POEM. thanks for having me / what a wonderful place to play .

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preacher jack & willie loco at the dogbar april 14th at 9pm

he’s rhythm & i’m blues / he’s boogie & i’m woogie
my long lost brother in the rock & roll nite
main street in gloucester !!!!!

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Article from the other Gloucester Times

Gloucester times article

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Boys from Nowhere

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Sky Queen

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