About Will

Greetings! My name is Will and I’m so happy that you’ve found my blog. Quirky and fun news reports have always been a true passion of mine, and finally, I’ve found an outlet where I can share it with the world. Whether it’s obscure, strange or just too humorous for words, the young and the young at heart will revel in the experiences of others.

There’s so many fun news stories that I could share, but I’ve decided to highlight the best from the great states of Michigan and Connecticut. Perhaps through the news mentioned on my blog, you’ll find that humor is truly contagious and can impart itself in every aspect of our lives, regardless of the state we choose to call home. Maybe what you read won’t change your life, but it’s guaranteed to make you think and get in touch with the finer human emotions: laughter.

Though I’ve mentioned I believe my blog and its stories are for everyone, I especially feel that the elderly will benefit from it the most. Just last year, my own grandmother had hip replacement surgery with many hours to spend in bed with little to no companionship. It really got me thinking: how many other aging people feel this way? How many out there could use a really good chortle every now and then?

I spend hours each week researching and carefully compiling the best news from Connecticut and Michigan. You don’t have to do the research because I did that for you! To the best of my knowledge, all of the stories are true or most importantly, true to a point. Perhaps we’ll never know what people were thinking when everything went down, but when we put ourselves in the shoes of someone else for a minute, we can unabashedly laugh at the mistakes of others.