Can you get rid of bedbugs on your own?

Can you get rid of bedbugs on your own?

Have you discovered bed bugs in your home or bed bug bites? Treatment by a professional pest control company or exterminator may not be on your budget or may not play with your schedule. Can you get rid of bedbugs on your own?

Fortunately, you can remedy the invasion of bed bugs yourself without spending a fortune. You must be diligent and involved in the treatment process, but you can eliminate bedbugs yourself! Read our guide below on the 4-step treatment process for the DIY worm.

What bed bugs look like

A fully fed adult bedbug has the size and shape of apple seeds. The undiscovered bug is more round and flat as a tick. Newly hatched bugs are the size of a poppy and have a golden color. Their eggs look like small grains of white rice about 1 mm long (sorry for all food references).

If you find something that you think may be a bug, take it to the entomology department of the nearest university or to a pest control company for official identification.

Preparing the room to cure insects

Before you start your own bed bug treatment, you must prepare a room or rooms where bed bugs have been detected, as well as rooms that share walls with infected rooms. Remove all items in the room that you absolutely cannot heal or that have already been treated. Before moving to the next room, cover items that will be removed from the room in plastic bags to prevent another room from being infected by an invisible bed worm.

Remove any paintings or works of art from the walls. Be sure to carefully check every item removed from the room to prevent bedbugs from being moved from room to room.

Can you get rid of bedbugs on your own?

Develop a strategy

Plan the following steps. Remember to include any personal plans, such as holidays.

Keep records throughout the process. Note the dates and exact locations of the pests. This will help you track your progress and better know where to direct your work.

Check for at least a year after completion to make sure all bugs are gone.

Stop spreading

Delete infected items. Place them in a sealed plastic bag and treat them. Learn more about treatment methods in the sections below.

Items that cannot be cured should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and left there for up to one year to ensure that all active worms are dead.

Empty the vacuum after each use. Seal the bag as tight as possible and immediately throw it into an external waste container.

Reject furniture responsibly if you can’t safely eliminate bed bugs. Destroy him so that someone doesn’t feel like taking him home. E.g:

  • Rip covers and remove stuffing from furniture.
  • Use spray paint to mark furniture with “worms”.

Infected items were picked up by a waste collection agency as soon as possible.

Do not throw away furniture if you can safely eliminate bed bugs.



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