Can you give a baby formula and breastmilk?

Can you give a baby formula and breastmilk?

The mix contains all the nutrients your baby needs, and introducing it – whether in the first few weeks or a few months later – does not necessarily mean that your feeding days are ending soon. Can you give a baby formula and breastmilk?

Why combine breasts and bottles?

You can combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding if:

  • is breastfeeding and wants to use a bottle to offer the baby some breast milk
  • you want to breastfeed for some of your baby’s foods, but give milk bottles for 1 or more feeds
  • you are feeding your baby a bottle and want to start breastfeeding
  • you must leave the child and make sure that he has some milk in your absence

When you don’t make enough milk

In general, the more you breastfeed, the more milk you will produce. But if you start with a relatively difficult start to care – is it because you and your child have been separated in hospital for longer than normal, the baby is not living well or for some other reason – establishing the right milk supply can be a big challenge. Even when everything is going well , some women do not try to meet the needs of the child. This is most common among mothers who have many children, those who have undergone breast reduction surgery, and women who give birth later in life. “In my experience, the older a woman has a child, the more likely she is to have problems with her milk supply,” says Rosenfeld. Experts are not sure why, although they suspect that this may be because the woman’s body over time becomes less efficient in the production of breast milk.

Can you give a baby formula and breastmilk?

When you can’t pump

No wonder mothers often decide to wean themselves when they return to work. Pumping in the office can be stressful (not to mention the logistical challenge), and even if you accumulate a freezer full of milk during maternity leave, the locker will start to decrease quickly. However, there is another option: sip the baby during the day, but continue feeding before leaving for work and after returning home. This will allow your baby to continue to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding and you both will enjoy a peaceful bonding time. In a week or two, your body will adapt to milk production when your baby needs it – reaching its peak in the early morning and night and decreasing during the day.

When you need extra sleep

Many new mothers adapt very well to frequent sleep breaks, which are practically unavoidable when it comes to breastfeeding an infant. But for some women, getting at least one long blind eye at night can mean the difference between being happy and functional and feeling indefinite and overwhelmed. “Breastfeeding is very hard work and we see a lot of depression in women who have problems coping with it. “Says Dr. Snyder. If you know that proper sleep is important for mental health, try asking your spouse to give your baby a bottle of modified milk at one of the night’s meals. This will give you a quiet break that you need, while giving him a chance to bond with the baby. An additional benefit: Your child can sleep a little longer than usual, because the preparation takes a little longer than mother’s milk and stays in the stomach longer.



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