How to keep the sofa in good condition when there are pets and small children in the house?

How to keep the sofa in good condition when there are pets and small children in the house

The sofa is the focal point of the living room. We watch TV on it, eat meals, and talk with
loved ones. Sometimes, the users of the sofa are four-legged friends or small children who
spread food, paints, plasticine, or other hard-to-clean substances on their hands. How to
keep your sofa in pristine condition when it is often used by demanding household
members? Read the article below and learn great ways to extend the life of your sofa.

Frequent upholstery washing

To keep your sofa looking good even a few years after buying it, try to clean it regularly. You can do it yourself or hire a specialized company for this activity. Specialists in sofa washing use professional agents that remove bothersome stains and unpleasant odors.
Unfortunately, sofa washing is not a cheap service, and if you want to enjoy a clean sofa, you should repeat it at least once a quarter.

Using bedspreads and blankets

Fringed bedspreads and thick blankets imposed on sofas were fashionable decades ago.
Still, covering your sofa with a blanket is a good idea when your piece of furniture doesnt
have a removable cover. The blanket is what will be left on any stains and dirt when your
sofa is attacked by playing children or a pet returning from a walk. You can throw the
bedspread in the washing machine or take it to the laundry. This solution will be far more
cost-effective than having the entire piece of furniture comprehensively washed by a
professional company.

Using removable sofa covers

Do you have an IKEA sofa in your home? Check if it has a removable cover. If it does, you
dont need to use additional covers. You can easily remove the sofa cover when dirt appears
on it and wash it according to the recipe on the label.

If your sofa cover doesnt stand the test of time and starts to wear out, you dont have to
panic. In the Soferia store, you will find a huge selection of sofa covers from IKEA that will refresh the look of your sofa and mask the signs of use. You can choose several covers in different colors and change them depending on your mood.

To make sure that your sofa survives for many years in good condition when children and
pets use it extensively, you can take care of it in several different ways. The most optimal of these is to use removable sofa covers, which you can wash every time you need to. You can use the money you save from giving up frequent washing of your upholstery to buy more slipcovers to freshen up your interior.


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