How to teach advanced English learners?

How to teach advanced English learners

Teaching higher-level learners, namely C1 and C2, is a real challenge. At this stage of learning, it is important not only to consolidate existing knowledge, but also to deepen it and to challenge adult learners. However, preparing such a structured lesson on your own can be difficult, especially for beginning tutors. Advanced lesson plans have been created to make this task easier.  

Professional and diverse materials

English lesson plans need to be adapted to the many varied skills of learners at the advanced level. In practice, this means using more difficult synonyms, new vocabulary, rare idioms and more complex grammatical issues. All of this comes together in the advanced lesson plans, so that they continually introduce an element of challenge into the teaching of English to adult learners. This makes them feel motivated to continue learning and, above all, they can develop their existing skills while acquiring and practising new ones. By doing so, learners are able to reach a higher language level and at the same time observe their learning progress.

So many topics for discussion

Reaching a higher level in language learning also means developing communication skills. Advanced English requires the ability to discuss a variety of topics, including expert topics, e.g. business, economics, the current political situation in the world, etc. However, this is not all because advanced language skills are also an ideal carrier of emotions, and these can be expressed by using attractive-sounding expressions that should be tailored to the situation and the learner. Such a feel for the language is possible thanks to a very good knowledge of the English language and understanding the contexts so as to skilfully use words with native speakers. We sell English language plans for adult learners and we are well aware of the needs and problems of tutors very well. One of them is the choice of topic. Thanks to our advanced lesson plans, you will receive suggestions for many topics. This way you will surely find something for your learners for many lesson hours. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • discuss in detail issues related to success, including building a motivated, successful team
  • talk in some detail about their favourite paintings and the architecture of buildings that they like
  • discuss societal problems, possible solutions for problems and what role corporations can play
  • participate in discussions about conservation, sustainability and habitat protection
  • talk about events and issues in the news and how they affect people and companies
  • talk about risks in life, including changing jobs and doing dangerous sports
  • compare and contrast various forms of education and individual schools
  • understand various communication styles, including direct, indirect, formal and informal
  • discuss issues related to their quality of life, including work-life balance and home environment
  • understand and discuss issues related to ethics, like civil disobedience.
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